Like Skeins Through the Hourglass…

2012 Goals

Personal Goals

  • lose more weight (I don’t have a specific goal – just to lose some more this year)
  • make more couch pillows (knit or sewn)
  • Make stockings
    • Justin
    • Me
    • Tigger
    • Daisy
    • Mom
  • (learn to) make treats for Christmas
    • Fudge (Chocolate & PB)
  • Pay off expenses
    • my student loans

Spin up 12 rovings!!

January – June = Failure! But it’s OK, because we have a little Peanut due in October as my excuse. 😀

Louet Northern Lights – Singles finished 7/8/12 Plied
ABC Blended Roving – Singles finished

Something for Jen & Megan’s birthdays



Knit 12 things with handspun yarn!!

  1. Scarlet Fleece
  2. Emmett 2nds
  3. Sunshine “Wisteria”
  4. Sunshine “Fall Leaves”
  5. Sunshine “Dragonfly”

Weave 6 things!!


1 Response to "2012 Goals"

Did you make this list before you found out you were pregnant? Where are all the baby items to knit!!! Those are such fun things to make!

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