Like Skeins Through the Hourglass…

Odd Ducks 2009 Buffy/Angel


Ravelry name: aredhelstar
Your Location: US
Are you willing to send abroad? I’d prefer not to

Do you have any allergies? Nope!

Do you have any pets? One fat orange cat

Do you smoke? Nope

Angel or Buffy? Ummm… Angel. Only because Angel, Spike and Wes together is a drool-worthy combination at the end. 🙂

Favourite Character? Spikey! And then Willow. And then Doyle.

Principal Hottie? Spike, then Angel. 🙂

Do you knit, crochet, or both? Just knit… I can only make a simple chain in crochet!

What types of things do you knit or crochet? A lot of different things, I’m pretty new. Mostly scarves but I have plans to knit a bunch of hats soon, and I love fingerless mitts so I’ll be making lots of those.

What are your favorite/least favorite colors/color combinations? Favs – anything with blue! blue/green, pinks, black w/colored speckles, purples, blue/brown Least fav – oranges, lime greens (check out my stash for examples)

Do you collect anything? Lots of stuff… Sunshine Yarns, Bearfoots, shot glasses from different places, neat kitty figures, markers (for drawing), smelly soaps, books (Dean Koontz mostly), I’d love to start collecting action figures of my favorite obscure movie/TV actors. 😀

What are your favorite knitting accessories? Definitely neat stitch markers. Even if they are hard to use I just like having them around. It would be cool to have a row counter that wasn’t a little clicky one, but beaded like a stitch marker. I love project bags too, and have started making some to sell and gift but haven’t kept any for myself yet. 🙂 I love all swag! 🙂

What are your favorite snacks, treats or drinks? Peanut butter cups! Dirty martinis… pretzels… anything with milk chocolate (don’t like dark chocolate), anything in gummy form is pretty fun too.

What are your favorite scents? grapefruit, peach, but anything citrus I love. Don’t like the flowery scents as much, but cleaner scents are good too. 🙂

Anything you would like your partner to know? I like unique, one-of-a-kind things and love making them for other people. I’m just a fun and goofy person… much like Willow, who my husband accuses me of channeling sometimes. 🙂

Do you agree to our rules? Of course!

Question of the Week 1:
Who is your favorite Buffy character and why?
Thinking about it, my favorite has to be Spike. I love his backstory as William and then the turnaround when he gets his soul back. Just everything!! And, come on… yum! 🙂

The one I identify most with is Willow though… as a quirky geek growing up I totally see myself in Willow and loved watching her come into her own. When my husband finally sat down and watched all the Buffy dvds with me he accused me of copying Willow… I had to tell him that nope, it’s just me! 🙂

Question of the Week 2:
What is your favorite Buffy episode and why?
What about our favorite Angel episode? 😮

My favorite from Buffy is “Once More with Feeling”, hands down. I have all of the songs memorized and I’m sure that spot on my dvds is a little worn out. 🙂 The runners up are “Tabula Rasa” and “Restless”. I still like having the whole big story arc, but my favorite episodes are those one-shots where something nutty happens and it isn’t just because of a monster/monsters. 🙂

Question of the Week 3:

What one pattern from your faves or queue are you itching to make but you haven’t the time, skill or supplies?
I’d have to say one of the shawls, like Forest Canopy or Woven Diamonds – I have enough free patterns to keep me busy forever so I can’t justify buying them when I could make something else.

Also the knitted/crocheted toys like Elefante or Stackable Cats, etc. I’m very new to crochet (have only made one square!) so that is out of the question yet and the yarns that I already own haven’t called out to become a specific toy yet, although I really do want to make one of the Knitted Kitties with my cute Tigger cat as a model. And I would love to someday make (or receive) a knitted/crocheted Miss kitty Fantastico, of course. If my cat was a girl, that would have been her name! 😉


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