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Odd Ducks 2010 Favorite Holiday

Have you read our rules? Are you willing to commit to the swap requirements, including check-ins, package contents, and mailing dates? Yup and Yup!

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!! But I also like Valentine’s Day if Christmas stuff is too hard to come by now that it’s over. :)

What do you like most about the holiday? Christmas – snow, snowmen, visiting family & all the yummy special treats for this time of year. Valentine’s – hearts, stuffed animals, fun cards to tell people how much you love them

What are your favorite decorations for this holiday? Christmas – snow, snowmen, penguins, modern designs more than traditional. Valentine’s – hearts, of course. :)

What are your favorite colors? Blue. I like cool colors more, so blue/green/purple but for a Valentine’s theme red & pink.

What are your favorite fibers? Superwash wool and wool/silk, but I have not knit with bamboo yet. I’m fine with anything but prefer acrylic to be Aran/Worsted/Bulky weight since it won’t block as nicely as the natural fibers.

Do you knit, crochet, and/or spin? Knit & Spin. I’ve only crocheted a swatch so far but am getting ready to try some amigurumi since those are super neat.

Are there any fiber related things you’ve got a hankering for? I have some on my wishlists, the only thing I think I don’t have right now is a yarn weight gauge. I’d love to get the KP Harmony cable needles too. If you sew project bags or make stitch markers I love unique handmade items. :) Oh! I love slippers and a knit/crocheted/sewed snowman or penguin would be loved and cherished. :D

What is the airspeed of a swallow? Hehehe… you said swallow…

What are your favorite snacks or beverages? milk chocolate by itself or covering something, salty, sour, sweet, not spicy. I’m not too picky and love treats. I drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa , etc.

Do you collect anything? Bearfoots (Big Sky Carvers), yarn (of course), roving. I like unique items and am a cat person, so I have quite a bit of kitty cat stuff. I love notepads too, and am always making lists so I tend to collect those. Cute little figurines… smelly soaps… hand sanitizers…

What are your head, shoe, wrist and ankle sizes? Head – 23”, Shoe – US9.5, Wrist – 7”, Ankle – 10.5”

What post number is your post in the Wish List thread? Wishlist links are on my profile page for easy access. :)

Do you have any allergies or dislikes? No food or regular allergies, I dislike orange, lime green, and things with poinsettia designs.

Is there anything else you would like your partner to know? I’m on Rav most days so if you have any specific questions just post them to the group and I’ll answer. Be creative and have fun! :)


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