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Odd Ducks 2010 Firefly/Serenity Swap

Are you willing / able to ship internationally (please be aware of the additional cost & time to ship internationally)? I would prefer not to, but Canada is OK.

Do you want your spoiler to be a secret? I’m cool either way. I wouldn’t stalk their projects to find out what I was getting… mostly because I forget to! 🙂

Allergies (fibers, animals, food, etc)? None

Allergens (do have pets-what kind, do you smoke-in or outside, etc)? I have a cat who is our baby so there will probably be stray hairs… I can’t prevent it! 🙂

Favorite Character? Wash and Kaylee, because they are most like me.

Favorite Quote (Please keep as PG13 as possible 😉 )? “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”, “I think I swallowed a bug…”

Jayne hat – Yes or No? If Yes traditional colors or different? Sure! I’ve made them for myself and my hubby but would happily add more to my collection. Acrylic or not, I don’t care and different colors are fine. My hubby has requested a black/gray one and I may make a teal/blue one for myself someday. 🙂

Do you knit or crochet or spin? Mainly knit and spin, I’ve only done some crocheted swatches but plan to start trying some amigurumi soon because they are so darn cute.

What projects do you like working on? Hats, because they are fast. I also like lace patterns because I love seeing a pattern develop from the knitting. I am working on a Saroyan right now and it’s so fun to make the leaf edging!

What kind of items do you like to receive? Pretty much anything, amigurumi and mitts are my favs because I don’t make them often/yet. I’ve received some swap items from other crafts (i.e. quilting, sewing) so I love those too because I always try to send one of my handmade project bags with each swap package. 🙂

What kind of items do you not like to receive? Soap/lotion/candles… I’d rather have pens/notepads/fun colored paper clips or something that I would use more. I’m not a really ‘froofy’ girl. 🙂

Favorite Color? Blue! Cornflower or Slate. Love the cool color spectrum but also deep reds and some pinks. Check out my stash for ideas, the only colors I don’t like are orange and lime green unless they are in something else that balances them.

Favorite fiber? Superwash merino. I’m cool with acrylics if they are soft or blends, I prefer something that wears/washes well.

What treats do you like (food and drink)? Milk chocolate (not dark or white), sour gummies, salty treats, peanut butter/chocolate… Most anything will get eaten in our house. I’d love to try some new iced teas if my buddy has any ideas for that but am pretty set about the coffee/hot tea that I drink. I love mixes like Crystal Light so those would be welcomed additions. 🙂

Have you posted in the Wishlist thread (remember only once!) or anywhere else? Yup, and there are links on my profile to all the info (on my blog) to keep it central.

Anyone in this swap you have swapped with before? I’m pretty sure that I haven’t.

Anything else your spoiler should know? I love unique, fun items and if you ever need more ideas you can ask knitknitmama since she is my bff and knows me well or will find sneaky ways to ask me your questions. 🙂

Would you rather have a knit shawl or a pair of socks? Also, what size feet do you have? Hmm. I think either. I don’t like the little scarf-sized shawls though, I would just never wear it. I wear a 9 1/2 and prefer socks that are about 9.5” long because I like them snug. 🙂

How about a top size (for vest/shrug purposes)? I’m an XL/16-18-ish on top.

Are you prone to killing us all, or perhaps rubbing soup in our hair? A warrior woman? The legitimate, respectable ambassador? Or a pretty little mechanic? I’m probably more prone to rubbing soup in your hair. Or luring snarky old shepherds onto my ship with a pretty rainbow umbrella. 🙂

How do you feel about hand spun yarn? If your package were to include some, would you prefer your handmade item be made of hand spun yarn, or would you rather get a skein of hand spun and a handmade item made from commercial yarn? If you would prefer to receive a skein of hand spun, what weight would best suit you? Oh goodness. I’m a spinner so any of the above is fine. 🙂 I prefer to knit with worsted weight for now, so anything DK/Worsted/Chunky would suit me best.

I have a creative idea, but it isn’t particularly useful. If you had to pick for your handmade item, would you rather get something useful (i.e. socks in firefly inspired colors) or something creative/funny and definitely Firefly inspired but not terribly useful? My choice would be something creative/funny. I lurve fun, unique extras and we have plenty of space for displaying random acts of crafty goodness. 🙂

For those that said ‘yes’ to a Jayne hat, would you say: Hmm. Is there an option for ‘any/all of the above’? I already have a classic Jayne hat but if my pal were inspired to knit me another one it would be happily accepted and worn. Or one for my cat. Or a tiny Jayne hat finger puppet. Or a Jayne hat for my spinning wheel or a soda cozy.

Would you want the big item to be store bought, hand made or yarn? Any? I don’t really have a preference but I always hope for a few handmade things because those can be the most unique and special and we have a very creative group of peeps! 🙂

Chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick, or none of the above? Mostly chapstick/lip gloss. I keep about 6 active tubes of Chapstick at different places (desk, living room, car, work station, work locker, nightstand… I’m addicted. 🙂

How do you feel about mohair? Love it, hate it, okay with it as an accent yarn only? Is it cold for at least part of the year where you live? Perfectly fine with it, I don’t have any items made from it yet. 🙂 It’s “cold” for about two months… I’m from Wisconsin so these Missouri winters are quite sissified imho. I do get to break out the winter knits for a little while though, and I lurve them! 😉

For those of you who have said no to the Jayne hat, what about another type of Firefly-inspired hat? I just found the River Tam and the name made me giggle enough to want to make it! Also, as a follow-up to someone’s cozy question…do you have an iPod/mp3 player? What type? Yup, hats are always welcome at my house. I will never have enough time to make all of the hats I want to! 🙂 I have one of the older iPod classic (the bigger one with video) and a Samsung Impression… they would fit in about the same size cozy. I have made a few if my pal wanted to check out my projects for sizing, but phone cozies don’t seem to last long around here so hopefully it would have a tie-on loop or something to make it a little more functional so I would keep track of it. 🙂

what drinks do people like? Posh teas, fruit teas, fancy coffees, nice hot chocolates… if coffee, then ground or beans…?  Hmm. I mostly drink caffeine (Mt Dew or rarely coffee) and water. So… maybe like the drink mixes that you put in water but I usually don’t use the coffee/tea samples people send unless they sound too good. I do love iced tea, especially fruity iced teas (like peach), so something of that nature would be good. 🙂

Would you like your goodie to be a homebaked goodie like fudge or brownies or storebought candy? Can’t make candy yet sorry! Also, is anyone allergic to peanuts?  Either way. I lurve pb and/or chocolate. I don’t like fruit + chocolate and I don’t like coconut but pretty much anything else is fair game. And my husband will eat any coconutty things. Oh, and no food allergies here. 🙂


6 Responses to "Odd Ducks 2010 Firefly/Serenity Swap"

how do people use their queues? Is the stuff in there patterns you own and are planning, or a wish list, or something different?

Things in my queue I am planning to make and may or may not have the pattern for. (I may have not bought it yet or may be able to get it from a library book.) Things in my favs are things I love but aren’t planning to make yet. If you are wondering if I have a pattern that you want to buy me, just ask knitknitmama and she can check with me. 🙂

What about bath items? How do people feel about those? Like some soap and knitted washcloths for example?

Not a big fan, I am very picky because I have sensitive skin. I would use bodywash but not any lotions or bar soap. We use knitted washcloths for hotpads, so I would love some of those if you make them! We only have 2 that my bff made us for a wedding present so far. 🙂

How would you feel about a non-knitted large item? I have an idea to make a trinket/jewelry box, similar to this, but inspired by River’s Brain.

Fine with me. 🙂

Would you be upset if there was not a food- or drink- based item in your package?

Not one bit. I can be sated by two mini peanut butter cups, though. Doesn’t take much. 🙂

do you mind if your entire box focuses on one character, or would you prefer a variety?

Whatever works best on your end. I have a couple of favorites but I love the whole darn cast so even having a Zoe or Jayne project would still elicit squeals and bouncing on my end. 🙂

what are your favorite 3 colors? (a lot of people listed only one, and i’d like more options)

and along those lines… hypothetically speaking or course… if your favorite color does not match your favorite character’s colors, would you rather have the handmade item be true to your favorite character, or loosely based on your favorite character but in a color theme you prefer?

I’d say blue, green, pink and either way is good with me. If it is a wearable item though it would be better to stick to blues/greens because I look horrible in most everything else unless it is the right shade. 🙂

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