Like Skeins Through the Hourglass…

Odd Ducks 2010 Zombie/Apocalypse Swap

Favorite Color(s): Blue, Teal/Aqua, Silver/Gray, Green, Purple, Pink in that order. The only colors I don’t care for much are Orange/Yellow/Lime Green because they look horrid on me. If they are on something that is not meant to wear, then that’s fine. 🙂

Favourite Colour Combination(s): Blue/Green, Blue with pretty much anything. Check out my stash & projects and you should get a good sense of the colors I like.

Favorite Snack(s): Peanut butter cups, pretzels, gummies, M&Ms, pretty much anything. I can’t eat spicy things though. I prefer milk chocolate over the other kinds.

Favorite Beverage(s): During the summer – iced tea or Crystal Light (Peach Tea, Rasp Green Tea, Rasp Lemonade, etc). During the winter – coffee (mocha/irish creme)

Favorite Fiber(s): Superwash merino. I love worsted/bulky weights right now (but have all weights in my stash), and prefer yarns that could accidentally be washed in the machine (superwash). But I’m open to anything squishy and nummy – I want to get some of that new super soft Pima cotton! I’m also knitting with Baby Alpaca for the first time and it’s totally scrumptious. 🙂 I’m not picky!

I need more ________ in my project bag: “Cute junk”? I’d love some unique things, needle tips/tape measure/wpi gauge/needle gauge that weren’t just the standard fare if you are a crafty-type person. 😉

Do you knit, crochet, spin, etc? Knit & spin right now but learning to crochet. I love amigurumi!! I also sew (make project bags) and make stitch markers.

Favorite type of project? I love to make hats because they are fast so they keep my attention but I love to receive amigurumi and crocheted fun things that I can’t make yet. I also love to get socks/mitts/bags. I am still working on making my first sock!

Do you have any allergies? None

Do you have any pets? 1 fat cat who is my snuggle bear.

What is the “ship-by” date of this swap? Sept 30, 2010

What is your favourite world-ending scenario? Srsly? Well, the rapture would be my ‘favorite’ because it is less messy than a lot of them, but for this I’d go with ZOMBIES. I have always felt that it will happen eventually. 😦 I hope to one day have a house with a secret zombie-proof fort and plenty of supplies for saving my town. 🙂

In a zombie scenario, I would: A) OMG, run and hide! B) Gimme a gun! C) Dude, I wanna BE a zombie! or D) Find a zombie-free place and build my own utopia. B) Gimme a gun! Gimme a stockpile of guns! And a chainsaw! And a crate of land mines! And…

Is there anything else you would like your partner to know? I prefer funny zombies (Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Plants vs Zombies) over scary zombies (Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, I am Legend) but have a hubby addicted to the horribly scary zombie scenarios, so any combination would be happily received in our house.

Cupcakes? (Add on question) Love to eat ‘em, make ‘em, and pretty good at decorating but I have never taken real classes. 🙂

In your Apocalypse scenario, what survival expert, vehicle, weapon, tool and book would you want with you?

  • Milla Jovovich (I know she’s an actress but I feel like she might just know what to do. Maybe she researched a lot for her roll in the series!)
  • A Prias. Srsly. Gas is going to be hard to find and we can zip away quick like bunnies.
  • A shotgun. I’m not picky and I’m no gun expert but I don’t want to be close enough to have to use a knife/sword! Realistically I’d probably be using my custom Louisville Slugger since we don’t own any firearms. Yet.
  • Tool? Um… does C-4 count? Maybe a pimped out Swiss Army knife.
  • The Zombie Survival Guide, of course! I don’t have it yet but might have to buy a copy for this swap. 🙂

What knitting book would I want to have with me? I’ll trade the book for my external hard drive full of pdf patterns! And I’d ransack Best Buy for an iPad to read them. 😉

Measurements: Head 22″, wrists 7″ (love mitts but have big arms), feet US 9.5 (if you need specifics let a mod or knitknitmama know and they can message me to get them)

What would be the number one knit item you would like to receive? Amigurumi. I love fun toys! Also mitts/bag/cowl. Whatever you think I would like! 🙂

What do you think about jewelry? Earrings? Necklaces? Love them! I love dangly earrings but they might attract the zombies. 😦  Silver toned or gold toned? Silver toned goes better with my skin and wardrobe, but I’ll wear either. 🙂

What’s your favorite animal, favorite word and favorite food? fat orange tabby cats (or cats in general), “super” (picked one at random. does everyone have a favorite word?), spaghetti!

Do you prefer getting many nice little things or a few more expensive items? either way. Many fun little things are just as special as a few more costly fun things. 🙂

Do you like hand made soap? If yes, what sent? I do but I honestly don’t use it. I work in the medical field so I prefer antibacterial soap all the time and handmade bar soap usually isn’t. I love grapefruit & citrus scents and unique ones.

Some people don’t like working with some sorts of yarns such as cotton or gasp, acrylic? Do you mind wearing items made of this as long as they are soft? I’ll wear anything. I prefer not to work with cotton because the lack of stretch hurts my hands but I would love to try the new super soft Pima cotton yarns.

Do you prefer triangular shawls or rectangular shawls? I prefer rectangular but receiving either would be fine. I’m still working on my first triangular shawl! 🙂

do you like tall socks and/or long fingerless gloves? no to long socks, yes to long fingerless gloves
how about legwarmers (no feet) or armwarmers (no thumbholes)? either are OK but I don’t know that I would wear legwarmers that much.
if so, what are your calf and forearm measurements? calf – largest 17″, mid-forearm 10.5″
do you like them baggy or fitted? either, but probably fitted more.

Since this swap is for zombie/apocalypse, do you prefer to receive items related to zombies, another form of apocalypse, or are they both themes you would enjoy? I would prefer zombie items but I love apocalypse movies as well, especially weather ones like Day After Tomorrow (my degree is in meteorology so it’s just in my nature). 🙂

Do you collect anything (i.e. figurines, salt and pepper shakers, items around a theme, etc.)? I already assume yarn as a given 😉 ? stickers!!!, hair clips, Bearfoots, funny/cute cat figures, coasters, picture frames, cool local items

What is your favorite zombie and apocalypse movie (one of each please!) Shaun of the Dead, Day After Tomorrow

What would/do you hate recieveing in a swap? (If hate is too strong of a word dislike also counts, maybe you have too much of something, etc.etc.etc.) The only things I don’t like getting are things that aren’t ‘me’ or don’t fit the theme and aren’t for fun. I’d say hats because I make a lot of them but if it’s a fun one you think I’ll love then I’m all for it. 🙂

Do you like nailpolish? possibly in zombie/apocalypse colours? Yup! 🙂

Do you own a teapot? And if so, what are its dimensions? Nope, we don’t have one yet. We do have lots of other teapot-shaped things though, like a coffee pot! 🙂

Do you like art yarn? Sure! I’ve never used it but I’d love to give it a try. 🙂

Would you be OK with some of the handmade things in your package were made of upcycled materials (plarn, felted things, etc.)? Yup, that would be fine. 🙂

So, what zombie books do you have? None! I’m borrowing some from the library but if you find any fun 2ndhand copies that would be great. 🙂

Also, do you mind if something awesome comes late, separate from the box if it has to? Nope. I’ll be impatient, but it would be fine. 🙂

What is your very favorite yarn to use… Superwash worsted merino, Noro Silk Garden Chunky (color changes/stripes), anything super soft

What would be your most wanted wishy wish yarn to receive…. three examples of each see the last question. Anything with awesome stripes or color variations, super soft, or superwash worsted/bulky merino. 🙂

How do you feel about cowls? Loose or tight? Yea or nay? Buttons or pull-over your head? Loose, love them (although I don’t have any – I have given them all away!), either. 🙂

Books: When it comes to non-craft books (like novels), do you have a preferred format? Like trade paperback, hardback, audiobook or specific e-reader file? Or do you just not care for books? I don’t listen to audiobooks unless I’m driving on a trip and don’t have an e-reader, but hardback/paperback are just fine. Used or new, I don’t mind! 🙂

Another book question: Would you prefer a journal (with lined paper), a sketch book (with art papers) or a scrapbook (with a bit of everything)? Any! I love journals. I do like lines, though – so I’ll say that’s my preference. I’d be happy with any though! 🙂

How would you feel about having Chuck Norris at your side during an apocalypse? Bah ha ha! I can’t contemplate an apocalypse WITHOUT Chuck Norris at my side… Omigosh. 😀

What knitting/crochet tool do you use most of the time? I lurve my KP interchangeables in nickel. I don’t have them all yet, though. I think ones I still need are on my KP wish list. 🙂 I use the KP 8″ dpns as straights. I have a terrible KP addiction. 🙂 I only have a starter set of crochet hooks so if you are a crocheter and want to send me some that you like, feel free. I am a total crochet nooblet. 🙂

What is the most common length needles/hook/ spindle that you carry with you on a regular basis? I usually carry my interchangeables that I’ve made cases for, those are about 5″ long. I also carry my dpns in a case, those are 8″ long. Other than that, I usually have some 10″ in my bag in case new people show up to our Knit Night group so that I have something to teach them with. I don’t carry spindles since I have my wheel now. 🙂

should I send yarn in your favorite colors, or would you rather have ‘Zombie-Inspired’ yarn (be it novelty or colorway)? I’d love either one! 😉

Would you prefer a zombied humanoid, or your favorite animal zombified? humanoid
Do you wear T-shirts? Yup, XL
If you do several kinds of fiber related crafts, would you prefer yarn, or roving? I think yarn, since I can use it for knitting or weaving. 🙂

Do you like dragons? Yup! I have a cute little clay dragon on my desk from the MN Ren Faire. 🙂

If yer spoiler had made ye ______, but reading an answer ye gave t’day they now know ye would prefer _____, do ye mind if yer parcel is late t’ give them time t’ make something else? Nope, but I reserve the right to be fidgity and impatient.


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