Like Skeins Through the Hourglass…

Odd Ducks 2009 Winter Sanity


Rav Name: aredhelstar
Location: Missouri (US)
Do you understand the requirements of this swap? Yes
When does your partner need receive their gift by? December 12th
Willing to ship internationally? Just to Canada

What Holiday do you celebrate? Christmas, it’s my favorite

Do you knit/crochet? Mostly knit, I am just learning to crochet

Favorite small project? Hats or mitts, I am making my first sock right now and would love to try some mittens too. I haven’t made a cowl yet but have some planned, also. If my partner found me a simple crochet project to try that would be fun too. 🙂

Have you favorited or queued some projects you are interested in? Yes, there are a bunch in my favorites/queue.

Favorite (or least favorite) colors? I’m a nut for blue but I like green as well. I can’t pull off red/orange/yellow with my complexion but I do love rainbow mixes or if they are variegated with another color.

Favorite (or least favorite) fibers? Favorite – superwash wool. I have a bit of everything, though. 🙂

Is there a yarn you would like to try? Anything not in my stash page… not too hot on acrylics though, I have too much already. 🙂

Favorite warm drink (coffee, tea, hot cocoa )? hot cocoa , but I love specialty teas and coffee as well.

Favorite treat (candy bar, cookies, pretzels, etc…)? Peanut butter cups! I love Whatchamacallits, Mr Goodbar, Snickers, Milky Way… so anything with those ingredients. No coconut! (Blech!), I prefer milk chocolate. No allergies to worry about either. 🙂

Anything you collect (frogs, lighthouses, teapots)? Bearfoots (by Big Sky Carvers), cute/funny figurines or stuffed toys… I just started painting little ceramic figurines for Christmas so I guess I’ll be collecting those soon too. 🙂

What type of material do you prefer your knitting needles/crochet hooks to be made out of? It depends on the yarn but probably metal because I know it will always be slick enough. (I am a tight knitter). I hate dpns unless I’m making a flat scarf, I use 16” circs for hats or longer circs for magic loop when knitting in the round.

Which Christmas/festive decoration that you own at the moment do you love/treasure the most and why? Two that I don’t own are the stocking my mom made me when I was little, it is a felt kit one that has Santa sleeping and Figaro (the kitty from Pinocchio) is playing at his feet, and the Christmas Angel that my mom has that has a pretty white eyelet lace dress with blue ribbon accents. Gorgeous! That I do own… probably my Christmas Bearfoots, the ‘Bearitivity’. I’m not ultra-religious but I like having this cute nativity around during the season.

Would you rather receive something from your queue or have your partner pick a surprise? Either way. I have lots of patterns downloaded that aren’t in my queue or favs and I know I haven’t seen every pattern that I would like to make. 🙂

ETA Just for a little more info, my favorite holiday themes/colors are snowflakes, snowmen and penguins. I prefer fun, silly fabric prints and wrapping papers over the traditional holiday prints. 🙂

What is your favourite Holiday scent? Pumpkins, gingerbread, cranberries, peppermint… pretty much anything but pine. I’m allergic to pine… it makes me all puffy and sneezy… 😦

How about favourite holiday colours … you know … traditional reds and greens or more contemporary colours? Blue/Silver, but I love the traditional red/green as well. 🙂

Favorite holiday treat? gingerbread, cookies? Fruitcake? eggnog? I’m an eggnog junkie, but I don’t like it with booze, I love peanut butter balls during the holidays and the german lebkuchen (which I haven’t had in 10 years). Gingerbread is OK but I don’t like fruitcake. Actually I don’t think fruit & chocolate should be together… ever, and I’m not big on coconut unless it’s in Girl Scout cookies. Mint & chocolate are another fav but not holiday specific. 🙂

Movies/Music? I love the original movies like Rudolph (claymation) & Grinch (cartoon). Never got into watching the live-action stuff like Miracle on 34th. A newer fav is Love Actually, since it happens at Christmas. 🙂 Music I love Mannheim Steamroller and Kenny G at Christmas and have all of the albums but I also dapple in more popular singers, the only ones in my collection right now are Billy Gillman, Charlotte Church, Barenaked Ladies and Christina Aguilera, I think. I love Christmas songs and listen to them on the radio as much as they will play it. 🙂


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