Like Skeins Through the Hourglass…


Updated 11/4/09

General Wishes:

  • row counters (digital, bead, bracelet, clicker…)
  • stitch markers – I love unique stitch markers
  • yarn – prefer superwash, sport weight +, blues/greens but love pinks lately too (anything but bright orange/yellow/lime green unless it’s multi)
  • fiber – I recently got my first wheel, so any kind of fiber is welcome! I prefer organic wool to superwash, it’s a little grippier and easier since I’m new. πŸ™‚
  • shawl pins
  • pattern tamers/magnets
  • Books – Amazon Wishlist
  • Loopy Ewe Wishlist
  • Knit Picks Wishlist

Zombie/Apocalypse specific:

  • prefer funny zombies (Shaun of the Dead) & cute zombies
  • anything for a Zombie Survival Kit (book of maps, multi tool, etc)

Secret Winter specific:

  • My fav themes are snowmen and penguins
  • I prefer cartooney Christmas things to traditional or modern, usually

Buffy/Angel specific:

  • Anything to do with *Willow*, she’s my favorite character.
  • ‘stake’ swag, like stitch markers
  • For the knitted object I’m most likely to wear a hat or mitts, maybe a scarf in the winter. Love hats and mitts (something Buffy or Willow would wear), but if you make mitts my arms are a little wider so please add ~10 st to whatever pattern you’re using. πŸ™‚
  • For yarn, if it’s character specific please don’t stick to my fav colors. I β™₯ Spike but know his colors are more black/maroon/captain peroxide and that’s fine. If you look through my stash I have most of the rainbow in there. πŸ™‚

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